How often?

I was thinking about sex, which lets face it is not a new past time for me. I was wondering how often people really have sex. Married couples think that single people have tons of sex but I have known plenty of single people that didn’t have any for months or even years! It’s a running joke that all guys think about is sex and they would hump anything that moves but how often do we really have sex and how often do we want it?
There are lots of different factors to take into consideration. Do you have a partner? Do they want sex as often? Does you job drain your energy? Do you have kids that run you ragged?
Whatever the factors that make up your hectic life, are you satisfied with the frequency of your sex life? We will get into quality at another time. Leave a comment and let’s see how often do you usually have sex and is it often enough?
I always want sex but life gets in the way. I am very satisfied with the frequency of my sex life. As a married woman with a two year old having sex 4-5 times a week (usually) is great! Sure who wouldn’t want more but I am not going to complain!


I saw Mommy kissing ….

Well it’s that time of year again…. Time to reenact your Santa fantasies! We all have heard the song ” I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus”. Well what if you really want to? Or maybe you want to be Santa’s helper?
You can dress up and help Santa put the presents under the tree. Make sure to bend over nice and slow each time! If you are lucky Santa will give you your gift early for all your hard work. He may drop those red pants of his and reward you right there on the floor next to the glittering Christmas tree. Making you scream his name!
Have you been a naughty little girl? You still want presents? Well Santa can give you presents but not until you bend over his knee and he spanks you. He will turn your naughty little arse the same shade of red as his outfit. You better not cry or pout.
Whatever your version of a Santa fantasy make sure you are dressed properly and ready for him to come down the chimney!