Don’t forget Valentine’s day!

Well, as most if you know Valentine’s day is coming up fast. The traditional gifts for this holiday are chocolates and roses and mushy cards they will love for five minutes. What do I want for this holiday?!?! Sex!….wild crazy sex and some new toys and lingerie! Seriously, flowers die and chocolate, while yummy, always leaves me feeling guilty. Sex not only makes you happier, studies show it releases antihistamines and endorphins and it burns calories! For me, great sex is better than all this. Get her a sweet lacy piece of lingerie and a great smelling massage candle, a heart massager and a new vibrator and see where the evening takes the two of you. And you don’t have to go the traditional candles romantic route either! Spice it up! Get her a sexy outfit and a new vibrator or nipple clamps and a paddle. Make her your love slave or be her love slave for the evening!

All alone for the holiday?!? Well love yourself. Get yourself a new vibrator or a great glass dildo or guys how about a sensual pocket pussy or masturbator. Spend some time showing your body how much you care.

Where can you get all this good stuff while being discreet and not spending too much? Well here comes the shameless plug for my store. Shipping in the U.S. is always fast and discreet and for orders over $59 its free! Plus used code WRR at checkout and you will get 15% off! Our prices are some of the lowest on quality products.


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