Well it happened….

It happened friends…. I never thought it would but for three weeks my sex drive was…. Gulp…. Gone! You see, normally I want sex all the time, anytime and drive my poor husband nuts with my desire. Don’t get me wrong he’s wonderful about it but still I know sometimes he has had a hard day and would love to have a night off. I cannot help that my sex drive has always been high and ever since I had a baby two and a half years ago it has grown to crazy heights. I keep it in check and I have no problem being monogamous. Heck I’ve even been able to turn my passion into this blog and an online adult toy store.
However three and a half weeks ago, my sex drive left me. Call it cabin fever or the little one was sick and demanding or stress or whatever but I didn’t want sex. At all. My husband was working days and nights on a special work project so it worked out for him as he and I were on different schedules. After two weeks I was starting to get worried. This had never happened before! To make matters worse, I had a few new toys to try out as I also review Sex toys for a company.
Well as life usually does, things settled down and everyone is healthy and back on normal schedules and I’m happy to say my sexy drive is back and as strong as ever. So what does this mean to you?!?! Stay tuned and you should have some more sex toy reviews headed your way and stories. Also stop by my store and check out some great deals. Use code WRR for 15% off!