Ella by Lelo


This is Ella by Lelo. For those that don’t know Lelo makes luxury sex toys. Luxury means expensive but Ella is $39.99 and you can use my code WRR for 15% off at my store

Ella is made of pure silicone and had a velvety finish that feels wonderful. She is a double ended dildo that is perfect for learning how to squirt. Yes, squirting is possible. It’s not a myth I promise!

One end has a point for pinpoint accuracy on the g spot and the other end has a flat head which is great to rubbing against the g spot. The flat head is what does the magic for me! Ella is about 7″ in total length.

Ella can be used solo or during partner play. Lelo toys come in gorgeous packaging which makes for a great gift (hint hint).


2 thoughts on “Ella by Lelo

  1. Hm, I’m intrigued! I kind of want to see if I can “gush”, but doing it solo a few times might be easier than trying it with my buddy. We’ve almost gotten there, but I feel a bit shy! Maybe once I see what “happens” I’ll feel better about it.

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