Ella by Lelo


This is Ella by Lelo. For those that don’t know Lelo makes luxury sex toys. Luxury means expensive but Ella is $39.99 and you can use my code WRR for 15% off at my store

Ella is made of pure silicone and had a velvety finish that feels wonderful. She is a double ended dildo that is perfect for learning how to squirt. Yes, squirting is possible. It’s not a myth I promise!

One end has a point for pinpoint accuracy on the g spot and the other end has a flat head which is great to rubbing against the g spot. The flat head is what does the magic for me! Ella is about 7″ in total length.

Ella can be used solo or during partner play. Lelo toys come in gorgeous packaging which makes for a great gift (hint hint).


Anyone still out there!?????

Hi everyone or rather anyone?
I’ve been MIA for a few months. Completely accidental I assure you. Lots going on and not much time for sex…. Gasp! What?!? Who said that?
Well I’m going to work real hard at getting some new sex toy reviews up and some new posts.
Any requests?
Any type of toys you are interested in?
I know, I won’t get any answers but it can’t hurt to ask lol

Also, don’t forget to head over to my store and use code WRR at checkout for 15% off!

Well it happened….

It happened friends…. I never thought it would but for three weeks my sex drive was…. Gulp…. Gone! You see, normally I want sex all the time, anytime and drive my poor husband nuts with my desire. Don’t get me wrong he’s wonderful about it but still I know sometimes he has had a hard day and would love to have a night off. I cannot help that my sex drive has always been high and ever since I had a baby two and a half years ago it has grown to crazy heights. I keep it in check and I have no problem being monogamous. Heck I’ve even been able to turn my passion into this blog and an online adult toy store.
However three and a half weeks ago, my sex drive left me. Call it cabin fever or the little one was sick and demanding or stress or whatever but I didn’t want sex. At all. My husband was working days and nights on a special work project so it worked out for him as he and I were on different schedules. After two weeks I was starting to get worried. This had never happened before! To make matters worse, I had a few new toys to try out as I also review Sex toys for a company.
Well as life usually does, things settled down and everyone is healthy and back on normal schedules and I’m happy to say my sexy drive is back and as strong as ever. So what does this mean to you?!?! Stay tuned and you should have some more sex toy reviews headed your way and stories. Also stop by my store and check out some great deals. Use code WRR for 15% off!

New toys!

So as we are watching the weather channel and wondering if this huge snowstorm will bring any snow to us the mailman shows up and leaves two large boxes on our porch.

What could they be?!? Food for storm? Warm clothes or winter boots to play in the snow? Ice melter in case the steps get icy? Well I knew and we had been hoping they would show up today… Two boxes filled with new toys! Adult toys that is.

Yes for Valentines Day, we ordered some new toys to play with and they are here. We decided not to wait to open these like we had waited for our Christmas goodies. We had those in their boxes untouched for weeks and it was very difficult not to rip into them!
Needless to say, I am looking forward to being snowed in! That is as long as our daughter cooperates and goes to bed and sleeps well. Ahhh, the joys of a two year old.

In the boxes we got a new bed restraint system, some new glass toys (one if which vibrates!), new clit vibe, a couple cock rings and sexy underwear for my husband, a butt plug for me, and a flavored lube. Stay tuned to hear how they worked out for us.

Rainbow Swirl g-spot glass dildo

As promised, here is my first sex toy review for this blog. I chose the Rainbow Swirl g-spot glass dildo as my first blog review because it opened my eyes to the wonders of glass toys. This dildo rocked my world so much it has led me to purchase other glass toys with more on my wish list!

The Rainbow Swirl dildo is a delicate pink transparent phallic shaped glass dildo with a slightly flared base. There are yellow and blue raised swirls on the top half of the shaft and blue raised dots on the lower half of the shaft. The dildo is slightly curved for g-spot stimulation. The base is slightly flared so it could be used for anal play but be careful because the base isn’t super wide. A wider base would make it better for anal play.

Glass sex toys are great for temperature play. You can place the dildo in warm water or cold water for several minutes before use. Do not use boiling water as this can cause burns to sensitive parts! Do not microwave glass dildos as it can cause hot spots. Hot spots are spots that get super heated while the rest of the dildo is a good temperature. You do not want burns on your lady bits….ouch!

Glass sex toys are made of Pyrex glass and the material is extremely safe. It is non-porous so bacteria cannot get into pores and grow and cause infections. All sex toys should be cleaned after each use. Glass is really easy to clean. Just use some warm water and antibacterial soap with a soft cloth. You can use your favorite toy cleaner or wipes also. If needed you can boil glass for three minutes to sterilize. To store glass toys you should have a pouch for protection. You can make your own from cotton or fleece or flannel. Old clean so is work great or you can buy a padded pouch.

Glass sex toys range from very affordable to expensive. This dildo is only $32.99 at my store but you can use code WRR for 15% off. As long as you keep glass toys clean and avoid dropping them a lot in hard surfaces, they can last a lifetime. The material won’t break down like jelly or others can.

The Rainbow swirl glass dildo is great for solo play ladies or partner play during foreplay or for double penetration. When my husband uses this dildo on me during foreplay, I hit the ceiling with pleasure. When he gives me oral and uses it, I am in another universe! Wow is all I can say. Guys get this for your gal and she will thank you over and over as she cums over and over again.


Don’t forget Valentine’s day!

Well, as most if you know Valentine’s day is coming up fast. The traditional gifts for this holiday are chocolates and roses and mushy cards they will love for five minutes. What do I want for this holiday?!?! Sex!….wild crazy sex and some new toys and lingerie! Seriously, flowers die and chocolate, while yummy, always leaves me feeling guilty. Sex not only makes you happier, studies show it releases antihistamines and endorphins and it burns calories! For me, great sex is better than all this. Get her a sweet lacy piece of lingerie and a great smelling massage candle, a heart massager and a new vibrator and see where the evening takes the two of you. And you don’t have to go the traditional candles romantic route either! Spice it up! Get her a sexy outfit and a new vibrator or nipple clamps and a paddle. Make her your love slave or be her love slave for the evening!

All alone for the holiday?!? Well love yourself. Get yourself a new vibrator or a great glass dildo or guys how about a sensual pocket pussy or masturbator. Spend some time showing your body how much you care.

Where can you get all this good stuff while being discreet and not spending too much? Well here comes the shameless plug for my store. Shipping in the U.S. is always fast and discreet and for orders over $59 its free! Plus used code WRR at checkout and you will get 15% off! Our prices are some of the lowest on quality products.

Phew! Did you survive?

Are we all here? Did you survive the Mayan end of world, holidays, visiting family , too many desserts and the start of new year? I certainly hope so!
I know it’s been quiet around here but things were kind of crazy for awhile. Now that life is getting back to normal, my new year resolution is to kick this blog into high gear! I want my readers to grow!
The holidays were great here but the best part of them was the mind-blowing sex my husband and I had during the last week of 2012! He was on vacation from work and I tell you…. I cannot wait for his next hiatus from work! Don’t get me wrong, we have a very active sex life for a married couple with an active two year old. We do however get tired and have to take a quick route to orgasms or skip it on occasion. That week on vacation though! Wow!
We have “movie nights” which entails a porno of my choice and toys. I will leave it at that for now. I will detail one for you in an upcoming post. Anyway, I am a bit of an addict when it comes to sex. That is one reason I have my store. I’m a firm believer in adding lingerie, toys and all kinds of fun goodies into ones sex life. I also review Sex toys for a company. I will occasionally put one on here for you all to read. My store brings me lots of joy and it is constantly changing and being updated. If any of you want to check it out and decide to purchase there are a few things you should know. First of all use code WRR for 15% off! Secondly, shipping is always fast and discreet. Over $59 and it is free too! Also, billing is discreet so you will not see the store name on the billing statement. Finally, customer service is excellent. We stand behind our products!
Okay, enough plugging my own store, for now!

Some things I want to try to do with this blog is to highlight erotic stories written by my readers. If you have a story that is yours and would like a part or all of it to be posted, email me at naughtyandnicetoys@verizon.net I will give you full credit and post your name email website or blog if wanted.

I also will do some sex toy reviews. Just in case you are curious!

If there is a sex toy question you have, please drop a line on here or email and I will post it on the blog with an answer. Don’t worry if you don’t want your name used just let me know and it won’t be!

Well that’s it for now. Keep checking back for new posts and fun coming up! Happy new year everyone. May it be filled with amazing mind blowing sex and tons of love!