New toys!

So as we are watching the weather channel and wondering if this huge snowstorm will bring any snow to us the mailman shows up and leaves two large boxes on our porch.

What could they be?!? Food for storm? Warm clothes or winter boots to play in the snow? Ice melter in case the steps get icy? Well I knew and we had been hoping they would show up today… Two boxes filled with new toys! Adult toys that is.

Yes for Valentines Day, we ordered some new toys to play with and they are here. We decided not to wait to open these like we had waited for our Christmas goodies. We had those in their boxes untouched for weeks and it was very difficult not to rip into them!
Needless to say, I am looking forward to being snowed in! That is as long as our daughter cooperates and goes to bed and sleeps well. Ahhh, the joys of a two year old.

In the boxes we got a new bed restraint system, some new glass toys (one if which vibrates!), new clit vibe, a couple cock rings and sexy underwear for my husband, a butt plug for me, and a flavored lube. Stay tuned to hear how they worked out for us.


Time for your sponge bath

Another popular fantasy is that of the innocent looking candy striper or young nurse. She comes into your room with a tub of warm water and a sponge to give you a sponge bath. You try to think of it as purely clinical and stay calm. How can you with her so close? She’s beautiful and is caressing your body with that delicate warm wet sponge. She leans in close to get your shoulders and her top buttons are open allowing you to see and feel her perky young breasts rubbing against your chest. She seems to be so serious about her job but if so why are so many buttons undone and why does she seem to linger pressed up against you? Despite your best efforts, you start to get excited! She notices but doesn’t say a thing. So professional! Until she reaches down, pulls the blankets aside and starts to wash your quickly hardening cock. All of a sudden she says “oh my! This sponge just isn’t getting you clean enough”. She drops the sponge and slowly licks your cock. Not such an innocent nurse. Naughty naughty …. If this is your type of fantasy , we have the perfect naughty nurse costumes at our store. Come get one for your naughty nurse.