Rainbow Swirl g-spot glass dildo

As promised, here is my first sex toy review for this blog. I chose the Rainbow Swirl g-spot glass dildo as my first blog review because it opened my eyes to the wonders of glass toys. This dildo rocked my world so much it has led me to purchase other glass toys with more on my wish list!

The Rainbow Swirl dildo is a delicate pink transparent phallic shaped glass dildo with a slightly flared base. There are yellow and blue raised swirls on the top half of the shaft and blue raised dots on the lower half of the shaft. The dildo is slightly curved for g-spot stimulation. The base is slightly flared so it could be used for anal play but be careful because the base isn’t super wide. A wider base would make it better for anal play.

Glass sex toys are great for temperature play. You can place the dildo in warm water or cold water for several minutes before use. Do not use boiling water as this can cause burns to sensitive parts! Do not microwave glass dildos as it can cause hot spots. Hot spots are spots that get super heated while the rest of the dildo is a good temperature. You do not want burns on your lady bits….ouch!

Glass sex toys are made of Pyrex glass and the material is extremely safe. It is non-porous so bacteria cannot get into pores and grow and cause infections. All sex toys should be cleaned after each use. Glass is really easy to clean. Just use some warm water and antibacterial soap with a soft cloth. You can use your favorite toy cleaner or wipes also. If needed you can boil glass for three minutes to sterilize. To store glass toys you should have a pouch for protection. You can make your own from cotton or fleece or flannel. Old clean so is work great or you can buy a padded pouch.

Glass sex toys range from very affordable to expensive. This dildo is only $32.99 at my store but you can use code WRR for 15% off. As long as you keep glass toys clean and avoid dropping them a lot in hard surfaces, they can last a lifetime. The material won’t break down like jelly or others can.

The Rainbow swirl glass dildo is great for solo play ladies or partner play during foreplay or for double penetration. When my husband uses this dildo on me during foreplay, I hit the ceiling with pleasure. When he gives me oral and uses it, I am in another universe! Wow is all I can say. Guys get this for your gal and she will thank you over and over as she cums over and over again.