Well it happened….

It happened friends…. I never thought it would but for three weeks my sex drive was…. Gulp…. Gone! You see, normally I want sex all the time, anytime and drive my poor husband nuts with my desire. Don’t get me wrong he’s wonderful about it but still I know sometimes he has had a hard day and would love to have a night off. I cannot help that my sex drive has always been high and ever since I had a baby two and a half years ago it has grown to crazy heights. I keep it in check and I have no problem being monogamous. Heck I’ve even been able to turn my passion into this blog and an online adult toy store.
However three and a half weeks ago, my sex drive left me. Call it cabin fever or the little one was sick and demanding or stress or whatever but I didn’t want sex. At all. My husband was working days and nights on a special work project so it worked out for him as he and I were on different schedules. After two weeks I was starting to get worried. This had never happened before! To make matters worse, I had a few new toys to try out as I also review Sex toys for a company.
Well as life usually does, things settled down and everyone is healthy and back on normal schedules and I’m happy to say my sexy drive is back and as strong as ever. So what does this mean to you?!?! Stay tuned and you should have some more sex toy reviews headed your way and stories. Also stop by my store and check out some great deals. Use code WRR for 15% off!


New toys!

So as we are watching the weather channel and wondering if this huge snowstorm will bring any snow to us the mailman shows up and leaves two large boxes on our porch.

What could they be?!? Food for storm? Warm clothes or winter boots to play in the snow? Ice melter in case the steps get icy? Well I knew and we had been hoping they would show up today… Two boxes filled with new toys! Adult toys that is.

Yes for Valentines Day, we ordered some new toys to play with and they are here. We decided not to wait to open these like we had waited for our Christmas goodies. We had those in their boxes untouched for weeks and it was very difficult not to rip into them!
Needless to say, I am looking forward to being snowed in! That is as long as our daughter cooperates and goes to bed and sleeps well. Ahhh, the joys of a two year old.

In the boxes we got a new bed restraint system, some new glass toys (one if which vibrates!), new clit vibe, a couple cock rings and sexy underwear for my husband, a butt plug for me, and a flavored lube. Stay tuned to hear how they worked out for us.

Don’t forget Valentine’s day!

Well, as most if you know Valentine’s day is coming up fast. The traditional gifts for this holiday are chocolates and roses and mushy cards they will love for five minutes. What do I want for this holiday?!?! Sex!….wild crazy sex and some new toys and lingerie! Seriously, flowers die and chocolate, while yummy, always leaves me feeling guilty. Sex not only makes you happier, studies show it releases antihistamines and endorphins and it burns calories! For me, great sex is better than all this. Get her a sweet lacy piece of lingerie and a great smelling massage candle, a heart massager and a new vibrator and see where the evening takes the two of you. And you don’t have to go the traditional candles romantic route either! Spice it up! Get her a sexy outfit and a new vibrator or nipple clamps and a paddle. Make her your love slave or be her love slave for the evening!

All alone for the holiday?!? Well love yourself. Get yourself a new vibrator or a great glass dildo or guys how about a sensual pocket pussy or masturbator. Spend some time showing your body how much you care.

Where can you get all this good stuff while being discreet and not spending too much? Well here comes the shameless plug for my store. Shipping in the U.S. is always fast and discreet and for orders over $59 its free! Plus used code WRR at checkout and you will get 15% off! Our prices are some of the lowest on quality products.

How often?

I was thinking about sex, which lets face it is not a new past time for me. I was wondering how often people really have sex. Married couples think that single people have tons of sex but I have known plenty of single people that didn’t have any for months or even years! It’s a running joke that all guys think about is sex and they would hump anything that moves but how often do we really have sex and how often do we want it?
There are lots of different factors to take into consideration. Do you have a partner? Do they want sex as often? Does you job drain your energy? Do you have kids that run you ragged?
Whatever the factors that make up your hectic life, are you satisfied with the frequency of your sex life? We will get into quality at another time. Leave a comment and let’s see how often do you usually have sex and is it often enough?
I always want sex but life gets in the way. I am very satisfied with the frequency of my sex life. As a married woman with a two year old having sex 4-5 times a week (usually) is great! Sure who wouldn’t want more but I am not going to complain!

I saw Mommy kissing ….

Well it’s that time of year again…. Time to reenact your Santa fantasies! We all have heard the song ” I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus”. Well what if you really want to? Or maybe you want to be Santa’s helper?
You can dress up and help Santa put the presents under the tree. Make sure to bend over nice and slow each time! If you are lucky Santa will give you your gift early for all your hard work. He may drop those red pants of his and reward you right there on the floor next to the glittering Christmas tree. Making you scream his name!
Have you been a naughty little girl? You still want presents? Well Santa can give you presents but not until you bend over his knee and he spanks you. He will turn your naughty little arse the same shade of red as his outfit. You better not cry or pout.
Whatever your version of a Santa fantasy make sure you are dressed properly and ready for him to come down the chimney!


The Intruder

Keeping in mind that we are discussing fantasies and not real incidents. These fantasies are completely consensual between the two people involved.

Some women, myself included, fantasize about being alone at home and a stranger sneaks in while asleep and does all kinds of things to her. She’s sleeping in her bed in something sexy or maybe it’s an old favorite tee shirt. She wakes up and realizes she can’t move. Maybe she can’t see. She feels a hand cover her mouth firmly as she’s about to scream. A rough voice whispers harshly in her ear that if she’s a good girl and does everything he says he will let her go unhurt. He warns her not to scream or he will hurt her. She will nod her head and start to whimper but doesn’t yell or he may just gag her and not have to worry about it. He tells her he’s been watching her for a long time. She thinks she’s such a good girl. Too good for most others but he knows her dirty secrets. He knows where she keeps her naughty toys and how she longs for the touch of a man. She begs him to leave her alone and stop. He just sneers as he rips her clothes off and runs his hands over her body. She cannot escape him but she tries to fight him off the best she can with her arms and legs tied to the bed. He laughs at her. He knows she really wants this deep down and he will give it to her in time. He’s going to take his time teasing and tasting and taking her in all the ways he has thought about each time he saw her.
The stranger spends a long time licking and nibbling her ears, neck, breasts and thighs. He enjoys watching her try to get away and protesting , begging him to stop. He also sees that her body is enjoying it as she gets noticeably wetter and wetter. He takes one breast in his hand and kneads it while he suckles at the other. She writhes half in pleasure and half trying to get away. All the while she’s trying to get her arms or legs loose so she can get away. She can’t. What she can’t see are cuffs and bondage rope holding her exactly as he wanted.
She tries to keep her legs as close together as possible as he releases his grip on her breasts. He tells her he is going to taste her so she better just relax but she refuses and begs him to stop. He laughs and yanks her legs apart with his own much more powerful legs. He firmly grabs her thighs to keep them apart and nestles between her legs. He tastes her and she is as sweet and as wet as he knew she would be. She bucks against him but it is futile. Her body is betraying her as he hits her sweet spot over and over again.
Once he has had his fun he thrusts himself inside her in one swift brutal move. She moans despite herself as he thrusts violently into her. She tries to tell him she’s a good girl and to stop hurting her but it doesn’t hurt. It feels so good. She can’t believe her body is reacting this way.
All of a sudden he stops and gets off the bed. She hears some rustling and the door shuts. She’s afraid to move for several minutes. When she finally does try to move, she realizes she can move. He left the cuffs and ropes on her but he untied them from the bed. She sits up and removes the blindfold. She is alone again.

Is this a fantasy you share? Want to reenact it at your house? You can find all the toys needed at our store including blindfolds, rope and cuffs.


Time for your sponge bath

Another popular fantasy is that of the innocent looking candy striper or young nurse. She comes into your room with a tub of warm water and a sponge to give you a sponge bath. You try to think of it as purely clinical and stay calm. How can you with her so close? She’s beautiful and is caressing your body with that delicate warm wet sponge. She leans in close to get your shoulders and her top buttons are open allowing you to see and feel her perky young breasts rubbing against your chest. She seems to be so serious about her job but if so why are so many buttons undone and why does she seem to linger pressed up against you? Despite your best efforts, you start to get excited! She notices but doesn’t say a thing. So professional! Until she reaches down, pulls the blankets aside and starts to wash your quickly hardening cock. All of a sudden she says “oh my! This sponge just isn’t getting you clean enough”. She drops the sponge and slowly licks your cock. Not such an innocent nurse. Naughty naughty …. If this is your type of fantasy , we have the perfect naughty nurse costumes at our store. Come get one for your naughty nurse.