Phew! Did you survive?

Are we all here? Did you survive the Mayan end of world, holidays, visiting family , too many desserts and the start of new year? I certainly hope so!
I know it’s been quiet around here but things were kind of crazy for awhile. Now that life is getting back to normal, my new year resolution is to kick this blog into high gear! I want my readers to grow!
The holidays were great here but the best part of them was the mind-blowing sex my husband and I had during the last week of 2012! He was on vacation from work and I tell you…. I cannot wait for his next hiatus from work! Don’t get me wrong, we have a very active sex life for a married couple with an active two year old. We do however get tired and have to take a quick route to orgasms or skip it on occasion. That week on vacation though! Wow!
We have “movie nights” which entails a porno of my choice and toys. I will leave it at that for now. I will detail one for you in an upcoming post. Anyway, I am a bit of an addict when it comes to sex. That is one reason I have my store. I’m a firm believer in adding lingerie, toys and all kinds of fun goodies into ones sex life. I also review Sex toys for a company. I will occasionally put one on here for you all to read. My store brings me lots of joy and it is constantly changing and being updated. If any of you want to check it out and decide to purchase there are a few things you should know. First of all use code WRR for 15% off! Secondly, shipping is always fast and discreet. Over $59 and it is free too! Also, billing is discreet so you will not see the store name on the billing statement. Finally, customer service is excellent. We stand behind our products!
Okay, enough plugging my own store, for now!

Some things I want to try to do with this blog is to highlight erotic stories written by my readers. If you have a story that is yours and would like a part or all of it to be posted, email me at I will give you full credit and post your name email website or blog if wanted.

I also will do some sex toy reviews. Just in case you are curious!

If there is a sex toy question you have, please drop a line on here or email and I will post it on the blog with an answer. Don’t worry if you don’t want your name used just let me know and it won’t be!

Well that’s it for now. Keep checking back for new posts and fun coming up! Happy new year everyone. May it be filled with amazing mind blowing sex and tons of love!